Mesmeric Apparel

Mesmeric Apparel is where fun and high-fashion meets affordable! This brand is not necessarily that exclusive, but our selection of the hottest styles at affordable prices. We believe confidence is the cornerstone of every great look, and we want all women to feel beautiful, radiant and empowered.

Mesmeric comes from Mesmerizing! Something or someone so fascinating, interesting or beautiful that you cannot look away and or cannot stop thinking about it!

Mesmeric Apparel – Steal The Scene

Hayo The Brand

Hayo The Brand is an upscale brand offering casual, luxury & international trendy-inspired women’s clothing! Our collection of unique and modern products are sourced from all over the world! Most items are different from what you will find anywhere else and will add excitement to your life! Hayo customers are style-conscious, fashion-loving, daring, full of life, strong women with a sophisticated taste that deserves to look gorgeous whenever they are on the go.

Hayo The Brand – Impressive by Nature


Statelier is a brand of undeniable luxury and status. Statelier’s pieces are characterized by an imposing sense of elegance, taste and distinction and offers a luxury wardrobe to reflect our clients bold style and appearance.

Statelier Couture is for the bold, the leaders, the highly esteemed, the graceful, the fearless, the majestic, the admired!

Experience for yourself the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.

By invitation only.

Proverbs 30: 29-31 
There are four stately monarchs who are impressive to watch as they go forth: the lion, the king of the jungle, who is afraid of no one, a rooster strutting boldly among the hens, the male goat out in front leading the heard, and a king leading his regal procession.